NAUI Cave Level II  
 NAUI  cave level I is quite an extensive class, and allows you to complete many pleasurable and interesting dives, in fact Cave Level I may be all you need to perform the dives that you want.     However; for those who wish to go further and increase their penetration range or level of dive complexity then a NAUI cave level II can provide the additional training you needed to expand your explorations as safely as possible. 

Class prerequisites:
Cave II is a class for those who are already comfortably executing cave dives. 
  • Minimum Age 18
  • NAUI Cave I level or equivalent
  • NAUI Decompression techniques or equivalent.
  • A minimum of 100 logged dives
  • A minimum of 20 logged cave dives since level I graduation

In general I will chat with each individual regarding their diving experience and motivation for the class.  Cave II is an advanced class and it is expected that all basic cave diving skills are already mastered by the prospective student.  If possible I will try to schedule a review dive or obtain a recommendation from previous instructor(s).  

Skills Required to Complete the Class

The class has several lectures and a minimum of 5 dives,  This can be accomplished in a 6 day class, or it can be  broken down into weekend chunks over a period of time.    The class starts out with classroom and skill review,  this is then followed by progressively more complex cave dives which will incorporate the necessary cave diving survival skills.    

It should be noted that participation in the class does not guarantee certification.   Should you not get certified at the end of the class I will provide you with a guide as to which areas require more practice,  and I will happy to assist you with working on this.  In most cases it is not necessary to repeat the class, simply work on the skills that are outlined and then demonstrate you have mastered them.    

Required Equipment:                                                     

Basic Cave Diving Equipment

  • Double Steel Tanks with sufficient gas capacity to complete class dives and equipped with Din valves and an isolating manifold.  (having 2 sets is helpful for class but not mandatory).  Minimum Recommended = Dbl 95’s
  • Wing – Sufficient lift to manage tanks + Stages
  • Backplate, either Stainless or Alum as needed
  • Primary Light, Canister Style Minimum 10Watt HID
  • Two Backup Lights
  • Safety Spool
  • Two Jump Spools/reels
  • Primary Reel Min 400ft of line
  • 3 Arrows
  • 2 Cookies
  • Backup Mask
  • Backup Bottom Timer/Depth/Computer
  • Drysuit strongly recommended
  • Cutting Device
  • Wetnotes
  • Computer or decompression software or tables


Additional Equipment for Cave II Class/Level

if you don't have equipment already I strongly recommend you talk to me about what to buy before the class so that you don't wind up getting the wrong things: